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Accessories for High pressure cleaner

High pressure extension hose
DN 8, 20 m, 315 bar.

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for connecting and extending HP hoses.

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Easy Press high pressure trigger gun with soft grip.
Servo control for water flow and pressure control on the trigger gun.

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High pressure spray pipe
n different lengths with ergonomic handle for ease of use and insulation. Rotatable 360 ° under pressure.

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Dirt blaster
with rotating pencil jet offers 10 times better cleaning perfor- mance. Ceramic nozzle and bearing ring for a long service life.

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Touchless triple nozzle,
fast, touchless and easy jet changeover by turning the nozzle.

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Power nozzle spray angle 25 °,
suitable for large areas and removing stubborn dirt and stains. 40 % more impact force.

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Pipe cleaning hose
20 m max. 250 bar DN 6 (without pipe cleaning nozzle) ideal for cleaning blocked pipes and drains.

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Pipe cleaning dirt blaster
The forward-tilted rotating pencil jet removes the most stubborn dirt.

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Hard surface cleaner FR 50
with 500 mm working width for the cleaning of large areas without spray water.

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FRV 30 surface cleaner
with automatic waste water extraction allows indoor and outdoor applications. This avoids onerous rinsing procedures of the surface after the cleaning.

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Nozzle kit
for surface cleaners.

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Nozzle kit
for surface cleaner FRV 30.

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Abrasive spray head
for 500 bar devices for admixing blasting abrasives to the high pressure jet. For removing paint and rusting.

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Power Rotary Jet 500 bar,
rotary point jet that combines the impact force of a point jet with the large area performance of a flat jet.

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PressurePro Machine Protector Advance 1 RM 110
6 x 1 l scale inhibitor for hot water high pressure cleaners with integrated corrosion protection.

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Oil and Grease Cleaner Extra RM 31
highly concentrated high pressure basic cleaning agent. At all temperature ranges, highly efficient lifting of the most stubborn contaminations, such as oil, grease, tar, soot and smoke resin. 4 x 2.5 l; 10 l; 20 l; 200 l; 1000 l.

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Sealing kit
for spray pipe.

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Original Kärcher spare part sets
consisting of common wear parts of the high pressure pump for fast on site repairs and a long service life.

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Accessories for Scrubber drier

Roller brush, white,
very soft, for the cleaning sensitive floors.

Roller brush red,
medium-hard, for normal use.

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Roller brush orange,
high/low, for cleaning heavily structured floors.

Roller brush green,
hard for heavily soiled floors and basic cleaning.

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Roller pad shaft
for roller pads or microfibre rollers.

Microfibre roller,
ideal for cleaning fine stoneware tiles.

Straight squeegee
for BR 40/10 C, oil-resistant.

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RM 69 eco!efficiency,
powerful cleaning agent for flooring and industrial floors 4 x 2.5 l; 10 l; 20 l; 200 l; 1000 l.

RM 752 Intensive Basic Cleaner Extra,
extra powerful basic cleaning agent for removal of stubborn dirt and coatings 10 l; 200 l; 1000 l.

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Accessories for Wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Paper filter bags three-ply,

PES flat pleated filter
for wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Car nozzle DN 35.

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All-purpose aluminium nozzle 450 mm,
with height-adjustable side rollers, oil-resistant.

Crevice nozzle
DN 40 290 mm.

Suction hose 10 m DN 40,

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Accessories for Dry vacuum cleaner

Fleece filter bags extremely tear-resistant, fleece filter bags have 2 to 3 times the capacity of conventional paper filter bags.

Motor protection filter,
5 pieces.

Floor nozzle for dry vacuum cleaners, switchable with lint lifter and steel sliding sole.

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Nozzle kit DN 32
for dry vacuum cleaners, includes crevice tool, upholstery tool, round brush and clip holder.

Suction hose 2.5 m DN 32
for dry vacuum cleaners complete with bend.

Extension hose 2.5 m DN 32
for dry vacuum cleaners, electrically conductive.

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Accessories for
Spray-extraction cleaner (Puzzi)

Carpet deep cleaner RM 760
powder classic 10 kg for textile floor coverings, walls and upholster.

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Carpet deep cleaner RM 760
tabs 200 pieces with encapsulation technology. No time-consuming rinsing.

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